How do event professionals perceive and use AI?

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Ovation Global DMC has released the findings of its recent survey exploring how event professionals perceive and utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their operations.

The survey, which involved 591 event planners and suppliers, revealed that 51 percent of respondents were aware of the potential that AI holds in revolutionizing the events industry. However, only 12 percent have actively implemented AI into their event planning or management processes, showcasing a significant gap between awareness and adoption.

Rutger Hoorn

“With the correct approach we believe that AI has the power to enhance efficiency and attendee experience.” ~ Rutger Hoorn, vice-president of Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Ovation Global DMC.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • AI for Marketing and Outbound Material: A substantial 33% of respondents expressed a strong interest in using AI to create marketing plans and outbound marketing materials.
  • Streamlined Event Planning and Logistics: 21% of respondents are eager to employ AI for streamlined event planning and logistics. AI-powered tools can significantly enhance efficiency in organizing events and managing intricate logistics, ultimately leading to cost savings.
  • Data Analysis for Data-Driven Decisions: 15% of respondents hope to utilize AI for data analysis, enabling them to gain valuable insights into attendee preferences and behaviors.
  • AI-Powered Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: 9% of respondents have harnessed AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to improve attendee engagement, provide real-time assistance, and manage event inquiries.
  • Curating Presentation and Event Content: 8% of respondents use AI to curate presentation and event content, ensuring that sessions and speakers align with attendees’ interests.

The survey also revealed some of the key challenges that event professionals face when considering the implementation of AI. These include a lack of expertise and understanding about AI, followed by fears of losing the human touch, concerns about cost, and doubts regarding attendee acceptance.

Despite the current underutilization of AI, there is optimism regarding its future in the events industry. Seventy percent believe that AI will be predominantly present in larger events or specific segments, indicating that AI could become a staple in certain areas of the industry. Moreover, 60 percent of respondents anticipate that AI will supplement and reduce traditional job roles in the event industry, reshaping the way events are planned and managed.