Calgary International Airport starts quarantine reduction pilot

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Calgary International Airport (YYC) has started a 26-week pilot quarantine reduction project.

The Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada agreed on the project, which allows testing to take place on arrival at YYC from all international destinations, to reduce quarantine to as little as two days from 14 days.

Available exclusively at YYC, the pilot project started on Monday, November 2, 2020. It is open to Alberta residents and eligible international travellers arriving on non-stop flights into Calgary. This includes guests who are connecting to airports within Alberta and essential foreign travellers staying within the province for at least 14 days after arrival.

“YYC Calgary International Airport is proud to be the first and only airport in Canada to have a government-approved testing pilot for arriving international passengers — which we hope will lead to reducing and one day eliminating the current 14-day self-isolation requirements. This innovative testing is the lifeline our airport and airline partners need to instill confidence in air travel,” said Bob Sartor, president & CEO, The Calgary Airport Authority

Upon arrival at Calgary International Airport, eligible travellers will be given a COVID-19 test, the results of which will be available within two days. After taking the test, guests must remain in Alberta.

If the results are negative, project participants are not required to stay at home. However, they are required to take a second COVID-19 test six to seven days after receiving the negative results for validation and data. They must also provide daily check-ins, avoid large events and senior’s facilities, and wear a mask in public.

If the airport test results are positive, travellers must quarantine for the full 14 days.

Travellers arriving at Calgary International Airport who do not take part in the pilot project are required to quarantine for 14 days.

The Governments of Alberta and Canada will be monitoring the pilot project. It may be restricted or broadened at any time.