Hotel Indigo Galapagos opens on San Cristobal

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Hotel Indigo Galapagos is now welcoming guests.

The property is on located on the island of San Cristobal, in the heart of the volcanic archipelago off the coast of Ecuador known as the “Enchanted Islands.” Its opening on May 31, 2023, marks IHG’s arrival in the Galapagos and the brand’s debut in South America.

The 35-room Hotel Indigo Galapagos, owned and operated by BPO S.A., reflects its natural surroundings. San Cristobal is where Charles Darwin took his first steps towards land in the archipelago and collected his first scientific specimens. The property weaves this storytelling into its design, creatively using immersive contemporary architecture. Coatings and details in wood and volcanic stone bring the island neighborhood’s aesthetic to life. Mindful design incorporates textures, materials, and shapes found in the local landscape.

All guestrooms have an ocean-view open space with a private balcony and feature a lounging area with a minibar and state of the art amenities. Guests can choose a King- or Queen-bed rooms or one of the property’s three suites. Public areas include a spa, gym, wellness patio, pool and jacuzzi, business center, gift shop and event spaces.

Given its location in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a strong focus on sustainability is embedded in both the design and operation of the hotel, bringing IHG’s Journey to Tomorrow commitments to life. Bulk amenities, the absence of single use plastics, and energy efficient equipment and materials complement the always-on educational guest programs to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint. Hotel Indigo Galapagos is the first hotel in the Enchanted Islands with an Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) Certification.

“The arrival of Hotel Indigo in the Galapagos marks a new and exciting chapter in our global growth story, as we bring our commitment to celebrate our hotels’ vibrant neighborhoods and become part of the fabric of the community into South America. This is a truly unique neighborhood for us to take this first step, which will provide an authentic new experience for our guests,” said Carol Hoeller, Vice President of Global Brand Management for Hotel Indigo.

The Director of BPO S.A., said: “Hotel Indigo Galapagos was conceived as a space of tranquility, serving as an ideal reset point for those experiencing a Galapagos adventure without having to leave the beauty of its surroundings. Every detail of this property has been carefully curated for an experience that sparks curiosity. This is as much a new chapter for Hotel Indigo as it is for tourism in the Galapagos, with the arrival of a successful global brand.”

San Cristobal and the Galapagos Islands are a world-renowned destination for wildlife and bird watching as well as hiking, fishing, scuba diving and water sports, including some of the best waves for surfing worldwide. The property is a short distance from the Mann, Punta Carola, and Puerto Chino beaches as well as local landmarks, including The Kickers Rock or Galapaguera Colorado Hill.