Sheraton welcomes five new hotels in Asia Pacific

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Sheraton Hotels & Resorts has opened five new properties in Asia Pacific.

The brand’s new modernized design concept can now be enjoyed at the Sheraton Kagoshima in Japan and at hotels in Rizhao, Ninghai, Beihai and Chengdu in China. There are now 13 new builds and refurbishments in the region exemplifying the brand’s new design vision.

“We’re excited to welcome these five new hotels and resorts in Asia Pacific embracing Sheraton’s new design approach, following the first eight incredible hotels in the region spearheading the new era of the brand,” said Jennie Toh, vice-president, Brand Marketing & Management, Asia Pacific, Marriott International. “Built on Sheraton’s rich legacy as community hubs across the globe, we’re committed to creating a sense of belonging and providing our guests with places to connect, be productive, and feel part of something.”

Sheraton Kagoshima (Japan)

Located on Kyushu Island, Japan’s “the Naples of the East,” Sheraton Kagoshima is the first Sheraton property in Japan to embody the brand’s global design transformation. Imagined as a public square, the double-height lobby (shown top of post) is filled with natural light. Inspired by the topography of Kagoshima, guestrooms and suites feature light wood tones, spectacular views, locally sourced materials and elements honoring the city’s natural beauty are incorporated into the open-plan interior. Onsite food and beverage offerings include Daily Social, Flying Hog Grill and SATSUMAGMA.

Sheraton Beihai Resort (China)

Situated on the coastline south of Guangxi, Sheraton Beihai rests between the mountains and sea. Once a departure port on the Maritime Silk Road, Beihai boasts a natural seaside setting and unique cultures of the Tanka fishing villages. This rich heritage is reflected in artworks placed throughout the hotel. The property’s lobby features Sheraton brand signatures such as the Community Table, The Studios, Booths, and &More by Sheraton. The brand’s refreshed food and beverage vision is also evident in the hotel’s restaurants, including the signature Chinese restaurant YUE and Daily Social.

Sheraton Ninghai (China)

Taking its inspiration from the famous book of Travels of Xu Xiake and local buildings such as the famed Huangtan Four Houses, the interior design of Sheraton Ninghai fuses contemporary arts and the ingenuity of oriental gardens to create an intriguing travelogue-like story. Signature elements include the Community Table in the lobby, which is custom designed with amenities to keep guests productive, including built-in lighting, outlets, and wireless charging stations. The elevated food and beverage offering also plays a pivotal role in the lobby experience. Ninghai is an emerging destination in the Yangtze Delta.

Sheraton Rizhao Hotel (China)

Situated along the golden coastline of Rizhao, a famous coastal city located southeast of Shandong Peninsula, Sheraton Rizhao features a 36-meter-high lobby,  where guests can work, eat, and drink at the Community Table, while soaking up the energy of the space and taking in sweeping sea views through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior design of the lobby also speaks to the oceanfront through the use of light wood tones and shell patterns as well as a circular design that centers on the spiral staircase. An anchor of the hotel’s public space, &More by Sheraton combines a bar, coffee bar, and market and offers food and beverage options that are locally sourced.

Sheraton Chengdu Pidu (China)

Pidu is an increasingly popular destination among travelers looking to experience enriched history, humanities, farming civilization of Ancient Shu, and Sichuan cuisines. Sheraton Chengdu Pidu blends culture references with Sheraton’s new design approach with a fresh and modern look. The open space of the lobby creates a connection to the local by incorporating elements of Sichuan Opera, lacquerware, and Shu embroidery. The hotel’s &More by Sheraton creates a focal point in the communal lobby, serving hand-brewed artisanal coffees during the day and signature cocktails at night. Other go-to places for drinking and dining include Unspoken, Daily Social, and Soo Noodles, where a menu of distinctive regional dishes and Sichuan-style noodles are served.

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts continues on its transformation journey in the region to support the brand’s long-term growth, with additional hotels planning to unveil their transformed design by the end of the year, including Sheraton Taizhou, Sheraton Xuzhou, and Sheraton Nanzhou Anning.