Norwegian Cruise Line eliminating single-use plastic bottles by 2020

i By September 26, 2019 No Comments

Norwegian Cruise Line has entered into a partnership with JUST® Goods, Inc., which will allow it to replace all single-use plastic bottles across its fleet by January 1, 2020. The initiative will begin on the line’s newest ship, Norwegian Encore.

The cruise line’s sustainability efforts are driven by its Sail & Sustain Environmental Program, which is committed to minimizing waste to landfills, reducing the lines CO² emissions rate, increasing sustainable sourcing and investing in emerging technologies. In 2018, Norwegian eliminated single-use plastic straws across its 16-ship fleet and private destinations. This new initiative will replace six million single-use plastic bottles every year.

“We are a leading company—one that is in the business of creating memorable experiences for our guests,” said Andy Stuart, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line. “It is imperative that we take meaningful steps to preserve our oceans and the destinations we visit. Partnering with JUST is one of my proudest moments, as the head of our pioneering brand. This latest effort—the elimination of single-use plastic bottles across our fleet—is just the latest environmentally responsible action we are taking to reduce our footprint and encourage others to protect our natural resources. While we are aware that this is just the beginning of what we and others need to do to be good stewards of our environment, we are committed to our Sail & Sustain initiatives and will continue to innovate for the overall benefit of the planet and its future.”

The body of JUST cartons are made from trees grown in responsibly-managed forests. The cap and shoulder are made from a sugarcane-based plastic. Eighty-two percent of the materials used are renewable. Photos (above and top of page) courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Lines.

JUST was founded by Jaden Smith, an American rapper, songwriter, actor and activist. Using an impact model focused on sourcing and packaging, it offers 100 percent spring water in a refillable, recyclable plant-based carton made from 82 percent renewable materials. It also uses the most efficient shipping options available to deliver its product.

“It’s critical that businesses take a leading role in efforts to lighten the impact we have on our planet,” said JUST Goods, Inc. CEO Ira Laufer. “We created JUST to do just that—to be a better option in a category that has created a lot of damage and continues to do so. The JUST team couldn’t be happier to now share this goal with our partner, Norwegian Cruise Line. We’re deeply appreciative of Norwegian’s commitment that’s so similar to ours—the company is pushing the boundaries of what’s always been done because it knows we all need to do better. We’re thrilled to be taking steps in the right direction alongside NCL.”