Japan’s first wellness hotel slated to open in 2024

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Japan’s first wellness hotel is scheduled to make its debut in 2024, reports Jikeikai Group, a company with 60 years of experience in building hotels and medical facilities.

The 145 key, single purpose-built Wellness Hotel Zen-Aomori will be constructed in the upper levels of the JR Aomori Station Building in Aomori, a city on the north coast of Honshu, Japan’s largest island.

Guests will begin their stay with a comprehensive medical check-up. The hotel’s staff will then create a custom wellness program with options and treatments including Onsen hot spa, skincare, yoga, mindfulness training, fasting, sleep studies and Zen meditation.

In addition, guests can arrange companion stays at one of Jikeikai Group’s nearby mountain resorts, Tsuta Onsen or Hotel Jogakura, where they can enjoy additional treatments in the serenity of Japan’s mountains and hot springs.

On the f&b side, Japan’s first wellness hotel will offer locally sourced Japanese organic foods and fruits prepared by expert chefs with vegan and vegetarian options.

Wellness Hotel Zen-Aomori will feature health and wellness-focused areas with yoga facilities, saunas and exercise equipment, areas with custom lighting and comforts dedicated to meditation and relaxation, as well as areas designed for business meetings.

In addition, an exclusive 10th floor was created by world-famous designer Hiroshi Matsuba, who has created more than 180 Japanese traditional “Ryokan” hotels.

“We want to expose people from around the world to our unique Japanese wellness experience—helping them to improve their lives, enrich their health, find comfortable serenity and relax,” said Mr. Tomohiro Tanno, CEO, Jikeikai Group. “After years of working and planning, we are honored to begin construction of Japan’s first wellness hotel, and look forward to offering Zen-Aomori’s world-class amenities, comforts and services to our guests.”