Preferred Hotel Group launches Beyond Green brand

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Preferred Hotel Group has officially launched Beyond Green, its global portfolio of 27 hotels, resorts and lodges that “exemplify sustainability in action.”

“At the heart of Beyond Green is a belief that to travel gently and with purpose is to travel well. More than ever, each of our individual travel choices make a difference, and together with our outstanding member properties, we designed Beyond Green to make it easier for travellers to enjoy incredible luxury vacations that also support significant social and environmental change for the future,” said Lindsey Ueberroth, CEO of both Beyond Green and Preferred Hotel Group. “The world has shown an unwavering need to Believe in Travel, and this is our defining moment to inspire a kinder and gentler way to explore the planet together, where good guests meet good hosts.”

To be considered for membership in Beyond Green, a property must demonstrate leadership in the three pillars of sustainable tourism as part of a rigorous vetting process and show progress in meeting more than 50 sustainability indicators that align with global sustainable tourism standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Examples of these requirements include:

  • Management of overall environmental operations to establish benchmarks and set additional sustainability goals including carbon emission reduction targets
  • Elimination of all single-use plastics on property
  • Monetary and in-kind contributions that support conservation organizations as well as local community initiatives
  • Implementation of initiatives to restore and protect natural ecosystems
  • Adherence to local, national, and international regulations and guidelines for wildlife viewing, animal welfare and the illegal trade in endangered species
  • Prioritization to hire locally according to fair wages, benefits, and non-discrimination policies that meet or exceed legal requirements
  • Adoption of local cultural vernacular in hotel design and décor
  • Priority to purchase goods and services from locally owned and operated businesses, with goals set at least annually for increasing the percentage of local sourcing

To remain a member, properties will have to pass an on-site inspection conducted every two years.

The twenty-seven founding member properties are: