Vue Orleans Observatory and Cultural Experience opens

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Vue Orleans, New Orleans’ newest attraction, is now officially open.

Located at the foot of Canal Street in the newly renovated Four Seasons high-rise building, it features the city’s first 360-degree view of the Mississippi River and the New Orleans landscape. It is also home to exhibits and interactive experiences covering 300 years of history and the diverse people and groups that created the city’s unique culture and continue to shape it today.

“For years we’ve been gathering stories from local historians, artists, musicians, Mardi Gras Indians, and chefs, leaders of business and leaders in second lines, all with the goal to curate a state-of-the-art cultural experience and share the real story of New Orleans—what it was, what it is and what it all means,” said Paul Flower, developer of Vue Orleans. “Vue Orleans is a fresh look at one of the world’s most historic and beloved cities and we are proud to finally unveil this unique experience.”

The immersive experience begins before guests enter Vue Orleans. The attraction is accessed through a towering display at the foot of Canal Street that highlights the individuals that create the vibrant daily life of the city.

Ground floor exhibits feature local artwork and the opportunity to interact with personalities pulled straight from the pages of history books, including Henriette De Lille, a free woman of color, activist and nun; Giacomo Cusimano, Italian immigrant and pasta maker; and Tillie Karnofsky, Jewish immigrant and early supporter of Louis Armstrong—all brought to life by actors on life-sized touchscreens.

Additional experiences include:

  • Story Café, which is led by PBS chef Kevin Belton and cookbook author and “Louisiana Eats!” host, Poppy Tooker, and gives guests a taste of New Orleans cuisine;
  • Larger-than-life trumpet-shaped listening stations featuring selections of jazz, blues, classical and the other musical genres that make up the city’s soundtrack;
  • Earn a pilot pin by virtually piloting a riverboat through the sharp turns and whirling currents of the Mississippi River;
  • “Zoom in” on the city on a virtual “vue finder” located alongside the real-life views,
  • Get a souvenir photo in full regalia by mix-and-matching costumes with a digital outfitter;
  • Ride an elevator through the history of New Orleans—three centuries of events and personalities in 34 floors.

Vue Orleans is available for private event rentals.