PredictHQ releases March 2023 Event Index

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PredictHQ has released new research showing that 18 U.S. cities will experience unusually high event impact in March.

According to its March 2023 Event Index, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Tampa and Tulsa will experience the most intense event activity surges, bringing some $700 million USD into the five cities.

In a press release announcing the new findings, the demand intelligence company explains that the 18 cities were identified using the PredictHQ Event Index, a unique algorithm per city to identify the impact of upcoming events, comparing it to each city’s unique five years of previous data. The Event Index generates a score of 20 per week per city, with anything over 15 being notably higher event activity. The index and report is produced by PredictHQ, which aggregates, verifies and enriches event data that is then used by companies such as Accor Hotels, Uber and Domino’s Pizza.

“While the cities that are most impacted by events change each month, the playbook for event-aware businesses doesn’t. Understanding what catalyzes demand, and exactly when and where it’ll take place, enables businesses to better prepare their staffing, pricing and inventory,” says Campbell Brown, CEO, PredictHQ. “For the first time, we’re also able to share the predicted spend impact also, so businesses know how much additional revenue is available if they prepare well.”

PredictHQ aggregates data from 350+ sources to track 19 categories of events globally, including expos, concerts and sports. The company also tracks non-attendance-based events such as school holidays and college dates, as well as unscheduled events such as severe weather incidents.

The company reports that this month more than 6,050 events with 2,500+ attendees are scheduled to take place in the United States. The peak periods for the five top cities are:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada – March 12-19: The ten largest events in the city will generate $384.4 million for local businesses.
  • Tampa, Florida – March 5-19: The ten largest events will generate $144.1 million for local businesses.
  • Phoenix, Arizona – March 5-19: Event impact of ten largest events will be $93.7 million generated for local businesses.
  • Jacksonville, Florida – March 12-19: Ten largest events will generate $65.1 million for local businesses.
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma – March 5-12: Ten largest events will generate $13.9 million for local businesses.