Brescia and Bergamo complete new Cammino

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A new slow-walk trail uniting Brescia and Bergamo in Italy’s Lombardy region opened on April 10.

The 130-kilometer route takes in 34 municipalities, two UNESCO sites, eight connected walks, three wine-growing areas as well as artisan districts, parks, reserves and the beautiful Lake Iseo.

This new “Cammino” links two symbolic UNESCO sites: the Santa Giulia Monumental Complex in Brescia and the ancient part of Bergamo, Città Alta, with its Venetian Walls.

Its eight stages can be walked in full in around six days, with each day/each being 20-25 kilometres. Passing through the hill country of Northern Italy, it takes travelers off the beaten tourist path and through areas enriched by nature and art. For example, one stage runs through the Mompiano Valley where art installations are dotted along the ArteValle route. Other stages feature new contemporary works of art inspired by the relationship between humans, art and nature. These include light installations, sculptures, and textile works (large tapestries made with two thousand artefacts).

To help walkers, new signage and a host of hospitality and accommodation facilities are available around the route.

The Cammino is an Italian Capital of Culture 2023 project as part of the “Città Natura” subject area, the partner of which is the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

The Brescia municipality website explains the new, slow walk, two-way Cammino was developed to:
•  Increase the proposal for sustainable tourist use of the Brescia and Bergamo area
•  Strengthen the local identity of the territory concerned, awakening and consolidating the sense of belonging of the communities, weakened by the local phenomena of land consumption and urbanization and by the general effects of globalization processes
•  Making the most of the cultural and natural heritage of the territory and of the Municipalities that unite Brescia and Bergamo
•  Extend the current average duration of stays and spread them over a larger area
•  Feed the shared process of environmentally sustainable management of the territory between Brescia and Bergamo
•  Increase a green perception of the Brescia and Bergamo area