Carnivale Bahamas debuting in 2024

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Construction is beginning on Carnivale Bahamas, a 15,000-square-foot restaurant on Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

Set to open in spring 2024 at Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, it will feature a mix of indoor and outdoor dining spaces with seating for more than 350. In addition, music, including live concerts, will be an important element of the business.

Carnivale Bahamas is the second Carnivale property in the world. The first Carnivale opened in Chicago’s West Loop in 2005, bringing a fusion of the cuisines and culture of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, South America and Central America to the Windy City.

Co-owner Bill Marovitz said the Chicago restaurant has celebrated color, life, excitement and fun for 18 years. And, while the same lively focus is shaping Carnivale Bahamas, guests can expect plenty of Bahamian touches and inspiration.

“At the new Carnivale Bahamas, every dining experience will be unique, full of incredible food and flavor, in a colorful and romantic ambience, with the hottest music playing both indoors and outdoors,” he explained.

Carnivale Bahamas is the newest addition to Paradise Landing and Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina, which are owned and operated by Sterling Global Financial Limited. It will be easily accessible by boat and is conveniently located near the Atlantis resort and casino as well as being just a bridge away from the capital city of Nassau.

Khaalis Rolle, president of Sterling Global Advisory Services and a former Minster of State for Investments, said the addition of the unique new restaurant to Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina and Paradise Landing will provide another boost to the local economy and job market.

In addition to a substantial capital investment of more than $10 million, the restaurant anticipates hiring as many as 120 employees when fully operational, adding more jobs to The Bahamas’ economy.

“We’re excited to welcome Carnivale Bahamas to our upscale and rapidly growing neighborhood on Paradise Landing,” said Rolle. “It’s another example of a Sterling Global project in The Bahamas that backs up our commitment to being a responsible developer while helping to grow the country in a positive way.”

The Paradise Island restaurant will be available for events including weddings and private parties. It will be operated by Hostmark Hospitality Group.