Destination Canada launches Canadian Visionaries Network

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Destination Canada has launched the Canadian Visionaries Network (CVN), a national platform composed of Canada’s network of academic, industry, and association leaders, whose expertise and industry excellence has helped secure high-profile conference wins aligned with Canada’s six priority economic sectors.

The CVN currently consists of 28 founding members across the key sectors of life sciences, agribusiness, advanced manufacturing, finance and insurance, technology, and natural resources.

The Canadian Visionaries Network was designed to support the growth and reach of local conference ambassador programs across the country – whose priority will continue to focus on the bidding opportunities that bring international events to Canada – and raise awareness of the country’s intellectual capital offerings, promoting Canada on the international stage.

“Canada is home to visionary minds pushing the boundaries of global innovation,” says Virginie De Visscher, senior director, Business Events, Destination Canada. “This expertise is especially important for attracting international conferences to the country’s diverse destinations, as it gives organizations the chance to supercharge their event agendas with acclaimed keynote speakers, captivating state-of-the-art site tours, unparalleled networking opportunities and more.

“Among Canada’s many strengths as a host for international business events, it’s the thought leaders and an openness to collaborating, sharing ideas and innovation, that truly puts Canada in a league of its own,” adds De Visscher. “The Canadian Visionaries Network exemplifies this as well as the integral role these talented and inspiring individuals have to pay in our industry’s resilience. The CVN also includes several TED speakers from TED@Destination Canada, a first-of-its-kind event and partnership with TED that was held in New York this past February.”

Destination Canada’s research shows that in 2022, Canada hosted nearly 430 international business events and welcomed approximately 271,000 international business event delegates (visitors).