Porter Airlines restarting flights in September

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Porter Airlines will return to the skies on September 8, 2021, nearly 18 months after suspending flights due to COVID-19 public health and travel restrictions.

The carrier’s flight schedule is returning in phases. The first phase will see flights taking off for Canadian destinations: Halifax, Moncton, Ottawa, Quebec City, St. John’s (Newfoundland), Thunder Bay, and Toronto. Service to U.S. destinations in Boston, Chicago, New York and Washington follow on September 17.

Flights to other year-round destinations normally operated by Porter are set to resume as of October 6, 2021. Service will return based on anticipated passenger demand, with frequency and markets increasing over time.

Approximately 500 team members will be recalled to active status as the first phase of flights is introduced. More staff will be added in subsequent months as flights and destinations return to the schedule.

“This is the moment our team members, passengers and the communities we serve have been waiting for,” said Michael Deluce, president and CEO, Porter Airlines. “The pandemic has progressed to the point that we can now begin restoring service across our network, focused around our main base at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

“Being grounded for more than a year has been incredibly difficult for everyone involved. In true Porter fashion, our team members have displayed remarkable levels of commitment, engagement and optimism over this uncertain period of time, despite the vast majority being unable to work. While deciding to suspend our service was the most difficult business decision we’ve made, announcing a restart of flights is the first step in a recovery process that includes recalling hundreds of team members and welcoming back passengers. We are looking forward to once again delivering Porter’s unique style of service.”

In preparation for its resumption of service, Porter has introduced a comprehensive program – Healthy Flights – to protect the health of passengers and team members.

“Our safety team developed Healthy Flights as more than a checklist of rules and procedures,” said Deluce. “They carefully considered how to provide a safe experience for our passengers and team members, while being true to our distinct brand and approach to service.”