Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo accepting reservations

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The Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, México is now accepting reservations ahead of its scheduled opening in late 2022.

The unique resort is equally committed to preserving the natural landscape, celebrating Mexico’s deep heritage, and providing a luxury travel experience. It offers 157 contemporary Mexican accommodations, many with private pools, plus four restaurants and bars, a golf course, a spa and wellness experience and more. It also has a variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces, including a private beach and the terraced Melaque Lawn inspired by juego de pelota, an ancient Mayan ball game, complete with a full outdoor kitchen.

“In Tamarindo, we are creating a new resort experience that is deeply connected both physically and spiritually with its surroundings,” says Vince Parrotta, Four Seasons president, Hotel Operations – Americas West. “Working closely with our visionary owner partners and myriad local and regional designers and artisans, we are offering something entirely new. To put it simply, if you think you know Mexico, you haven’t been to Tamarindo.”

A defining characteristic of the resort is that just two percent of the surrounding nature reserve will be developed.

“We are dedicated to the concept of ‘rewilding,’ enabling the Earth’s natural rhythms to flourish and nature to recover its balance,” says Felix Murillo, general manager, Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo. “Everything we are doing is guided by this ethos, and it is our hope that our guests will form a deep connection both to the land and the coastline, and that in doing so they can recover their own balance and leave inspired and energized.”

An integral part of the character of the resort is puro talento Mexicano, the celebration of Mexican talent across all design disciplines, beginning with a partnership between the country’s greatest contemporary architects, Victor Legorreta and Mauricio Rocha, who came together as LegoRocha specifically for the project.

LegoRocha and lead interior designers Uribe Krayer and Estudio Esterlina have effused every space and touchpoint with elements of pre-Hispanic culture and contemporary Mexican aesthetics. The team was also joined by landscape designer Mario Schjetnan, and restaurant designers Esrawe Studio and Bibiana Huber to complete the resort’s contemporary Mexican look and feel. Details that will connect guests to Mexico’s heritage and modern lifestyle include employee uniforms designed by Mexico City-based designer Kris Goyri as well as functional and decorative items (tableware, hammocks, hampers, candles, etc.) handmade by philanthropic alliances throughout the country.

Two of the most notable features at Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo are its Discovery Centre and 35-acre working farm.

In the Discovery Centre, the resort’s on-site team of biologists will introduce guests to the area’s biodiversity, including its more than 70 endemic species of wildlife and hundreds of birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles to be seen throughout the Reserve’s more than 3,000 acres. Rancho Ortega, the working farm, supplies zero-mile ingredients for the resort’s restaurants. Developed under the vision and leadership of Four Seasons culinary director Nicolás Piatti, it takes advantage of the region’s microclimate to cultivate indigenous and newly-introduced plants and serves as a study center for rare species, sustainable farming, and creative culinary exploration.

“We have a flock of egg-producing chickens roaming the farm now, and there are 17 varieties of fruit trees already producing pomegranates, figs, cocoa, guava, and more.” says Chef Piatti, who has also spent months sourcing additional products from throughout the country including a selection of endemic corn varieties from the Yucatan. “And we are particularly excited at the progress of more than 8,500 agave azul plants we are cultivating here at the resort with the blessing of Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council.”